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Nature of the tests realized

  • NF EN 14766   Moutain-bicycles : Safety requipements and tests methods 
  • NF EN 14764   City and trekking bicycles : Safety requipements and test methods
  • NF EN 14765   Bicycles for young children : Safety requipements and tests methods
  • NF EN 14781   Racing bicycles : Safety requipements and tests methods
  • NF EN 15194   Cycles : Electrically power assisted cycles
  • NF EN 14872   Bicycles : Accessories for bicycles
  • ISO 4210       Cycles - Safety requirements for bicycles
  • ISO 8098       Cycles - Safety requirements for bicycles for young children


CRITT Sport Leisure participates in various standardization committees as well as the standardization group EUROLAB bicycles.
quality approach

Early 2009, CRITT Sport Leisure is committed to a strategy to optimize its quality approach in the field of cycles. For this, the CRITT Sport Leisure has invested in new test benches latest generation hydraulic benches handlebar stem, fork, seat, seatpost and fall. Thanks to this policy and these new investments, CRITT Sport Recreation has obtained an extension of its COFRAC for testing bicycles whose scope is available


Quality approach

As part of its quality assurance program, CRITT Sport Loisirs accredited by the COFRAC as No. 1-1570 accordance with the ISO 17025 standard on several test programs whose scope is available la


Sébastien BARROUX
Testing manager
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Phone : +33 (0)5 49 85 73 40