New ECE 22.06 regulation



Regulation 22.05, for motorcycle helmets for the European market, applicable for almost 20 years, is currently evolving towards a sixth series of amendments.

The following changes will be applied, among others.


-          The "modular" helmet as a new recognized type. This one must meet the requirements of helmets with AND without protective lower face cover, taking into account the different construction requirements.

-          New headforms will be used. Initially specific to Regulation 22.05, Regulation 22.06 indicates to use EN 960 headforms, while adding for impact tests the C headform with a circumference of 515mm.

-          Tightening of impact protection requirements, with additional impact points, chosen by the laboratories, in addition to high and low energy impacts.

-          Taking into account of the rotational acceleration and the brain injury criterion performing oblique impacts.

-          Modification of the low temperature conditioning for helmets subjected to impact tests (-10 ° C).

-          Modification of the production qualification scheme.

-          Abolition of the production control method by continuous control in favour of the batch control method.

-          Added high speed particle launch test for visors.

-          Widening of the transmittance tolerances for tinted visors.

-          Consideration of integrated sun visors for certification.


Applicable since January 2021, this regulation evolution is more actual than ever.


However, so that the various actors in the motorcycle helmet sector (designers, manufacturers, sellers and certifying bodies) can take this development into account, the following transitional period has been set up.