New Light Scattering bench

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To help its customers to improve quality on their eye protectors products, CRITT SPORT LOISIRS Has purchased a bench dedicated to measure reduced luminance coefficient. This complex name refers only to the phenomena which disperse the light such as a lampshade on a bulb. For eye protectors the value shall be as low as possible for wearer’s comfort and to minimize the risks caused by impaired vision

LDM 1060 diffusion testing bench, thanks to its two sensors of different technology, is able to measure reduced luminance coefficient from very dark glass to very clear glasses. On one hand its photodiode can measure clear glass by finding the smallest impurity on glass surface and the effect of surface coating (anti fog, anti-scratch…) on seeing. On the other hand, its photon counting module is able to measure diffusion on very dark glasses as low as 0.5% transmittance which is not possible with a integrating sphere for instance. Now, high-tech protective equipments such as automatic welding filters on double solar screen used for motorcycle helmet visors are to be measured in CRITT SPORT LOISIRS.