Optical laboratory


  • Measure optical power and prismatic
  • Spectrometer - Measurement of transmission
  • Change transmission factor
  • Diffusion factor
  • Material quality and surface
  • UV resistance and temperature stability
  • Scope of protection
  • Minimum strength and enhanced durability
  • Corrosion
  • Flammability etc ...

Optional tests

  • Momentum of particles at high speed, various projections, molten metal, anti-scratch, anti-fog etc ...
    Marking & Instructions
  • Systematic verification of markings protector (applied standards, trade name, etc..), The operating instructions and the technical file.

Standard used

  • NF EN 166 specifications which the tests are described in the standards EN ISO 12311 and EN 167 for optical testing, NF EN 168 for mechanical testing, EN 169-170-171-172 for guards with specific optical properties (welding filter filter, ultraviolet, infrared filter, sunscreen) and industrial use
  • NF EN 174: ski masks
  • NF EN 175 and 379 welding masks
  • NF EN 207 and 208 laser radiation
  • NF EN 1731: Protection against mechanical hazards and / or against heat
  • NF EN 1938: glasses masks for motorcycles and mopeds user
  • NF EN 14458: protectors used by firefighters, ambulance and emergency services.

Quality approach

As part of its quality assurance program, CRITT Sport Entertainment is accredited by the COFRAC as No. 1-1570 accordance with the ISO 17025 standard on several test programs whose program 123-5: Protective sight and face.L entire range is available  www.cofrac.fr


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