CRITT Sport Loisirs, independent and recognized, aims to promote the development of the sports industry and recreation. It has laboratories authorized to test, as well as some others in the workplace.

The structure of the interface between research, industry, public institutions and the sports movement's main field of action sports equipment (bikes, skateboards, roller skates, canoes, balloons, ...), the personal protective equipment (helmets, knee pads, gloves, jackets, ...) as well as structures (poles basketball, football goals, handball, ...) or sports floors (tatami mats, flooring, ...), and optical equipment and acoustic
Personal Protection in the workplace (welding goggles, helmets, anti noise, ...) for their certification standards.

Notified by the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Solidarity, the CRITT SPORT LOISIRS also participates in the development of French and European standards.

Five business sectors stand out:

• Testing and testing of sports equipment, helmets and personal protective equipment
for sports use
• Tests and tests on personal and optical personal protective equipment for 
professional use
• Advice and expertise
•  Research and development
• Educational engineering

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PPE sport Department manager

PPE industry Department manager

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